H2020 CREMA - Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing
Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing
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CREMA Use Case Prototypes

CREMA will be validated based on two use cases. The first one will be within the machinery maintenance and the second one in the automotive domain. Some components created in the project will be available for free and others will be described with a prototype report.


Use Case 1: Machine Maintenance

The Machine Maintenance Use Case is concerned with the Predictive Maintenance Monitoring in a machine clutch-brake mechanism. The performance of the clutching machine and its process´ lines are monitored for analysing potential business problems.

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Use Case 2: Automotive


The Automotive Use Case focuses on aspects of manufacturing that are common to not just the automotive sector but the scenario used to test those concepts utilise automotive machines and technologies. The two main topics investigated are the application of elastic manufacturing to Automotive supply chains, and the use of cyber-physical technologies to reduce production errors. 

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