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GOIZPER is a company of 160 employees, which was founded in 1959, has 2 very different established business lines (Industrial and Sprayer divisions) in which they are leaders and a world reference with respect to both innovation and product. The Industrial Division is specialized in engineering, designing, manufacturing and supplying power transmission components for metal forming machine tools like: clutches, brakes, cams and intermittent rotary units for different types of applications. GOIZ is the first manufacturer of press brakes and clutches at a Spanish level and is in the top 3 worldwide.

The company is located in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain, very closed to the French border in the most industrialized area of the country and surrounded by a traditionally metallurgical and exporting environment. The turnover of the Industrial Division in 2013 was of 13 million Euros, of which 75% is due to the sales of brakes and clutches. Actually the exports, to the major industrialized countries (USA, Germany, Japan, Brazil, etc) represent the 70% of the turnover. GOIZ has recently opened a delegation in China and Germany.