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FAGOR ARRASATE is a company of 800 employees specialized in design, manufacturing and supplying sheet metal forming machine tools. FAGOR ARRASATE was created in 1957 and, since then, has expanded its products and business in an extraordinary significant manner, being now one of the world leaders in the field. It is one of the 5 biggest manufacturers in terms of turnover and the first one considering the product's portfolio.

The Company is located in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain, very closed to the French border in the most industrialized area of the country and surrounded by a traditionally metallurgical and exporting environment.

It is a world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic presses, complete stamping systems, transfer presses, robotised press lines, press hardening, forging; Cut-to-Length, Slitting, Combi and multiblanking lines; Processing lines as pickling lines, skin passes, reversible mills, painting, galvanizing or tension levelling lines; special metal part forming systems, strip roll forming, flexible roll forming, rotor/stator cutting equipment, dies and many other types of equipment.

FAGOR ARRASATE serves to numerous sectors specially the car industry, the domestic appliances industry, the Steel Industry and Service Centres. For FAGOR ARRASATE a key goal is the constant collaboration with its customers, so there is a close and continuous presence in order to give solutions for any process with the most adequate technology.