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Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing
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Workflows for Manufacturing Processes

Workflows for Manufacturing Processes

Like everything in the life, manufacturing processes are in constant evolution. Of course not all processes will suffer a variation along its life but most of them will have fine-tuning or even complete redesign because they have become obsolete. Further to this, some big manufacturing processes are decomposed in several smaller ones which may become reusable as they are common to several processes. An example of this is a process for cleaning certain product parts due to previous parts operations such as millings causing burrs. These smaller processes are also useful when it comes to flexible manufacturing as it is far easier to compose new processes. All this is done thanks to the use of workflows.

Born as a business discipline, Business Process Modelling, it has evolved to leverage the performance of other domains like manufacturing, which, since the irruption of configurable production lines, useful for many industrial domains like e.g. automotive, furniture of toys manufacturing, there is a need for using workflows to configure new production lines or to simulate how the plant will perform if some robots, presses or other machines are changed or the processes are altered. 

Furthermore, as the need for a globalised and collaborative up and down of the Supply Chain increases day-by-day, the reuse and optimisation of resources has to be seen as a business opportunity to increase revenues and reduce costs. All this can be achieved by virtualising the manufacturing assets, making them accessible to a range of business partners so they can drag-n-drop them in a Process Designer.

In this respect CREMA is developing a Process Designer that will allow the manufacturers of the current present to adapt to the future times by requesting and injecting the assets from their vicinity in designing new manufacturing processes. Furthermore, it will also allow simulation and optimisation of the designed processes to select always the best option according to their needs.

Flexibility and adaptation in manufacturing is not more an option, it is a must and this can be achieved and improve revenues with the usage of specific process designers like the ones presented.