H2020 CREMA - Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing
Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing
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Security and Privacy in terms of Cloud Technologies

Security and Privacy in terms of Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies are an important and popular topic for many years, now. It began with simple Cloud Storages and continued to evolve to complex Cloud Infrastructures free to use for anybody in the world. From the beginning cloud technologies were frequently exposed to criticism in terms of security and privacy. The most important question was – Will the customer ever accept storing private data in the cloud – a non-local storage? The answer is yes! Most of the internet users store their private data in cloud storages or use cloud infrastructures. Some of them use cloud technologies knowingly and some unknowingly by using mobile applications on their smartphones and wearables, e.g.: tracking activities, monitoring fitness and healthiness, etc. At some point, consumer took security for granted by their provider and the criticism was getting less. Nevertheless, security and privacy is an enormous important topic in the field of cloud technologies.

In the context of Industry 4.0 using cloud technologies nobody takes security and privacy for granted. By connecting the industrial business in the cloud, security is getting more important than ever. Permissions must be respected, sensitive data protected, and information must be accessible only by authorised personnel.

The following listing describes only the security and privacy issues related to information-based issues which are also addressed to the CREMA system:

  •          Identity Management to control different permissions for accessing information and computer resources
  •          Privacy ensures to protect critical data (private personal information, credit card numbers, etc.) via encryption and identity management
  •          Data confidentiality respects the outsourced data into the cloud by making it not available to illegal users; Only authorized users can access the outsourced data
  •          Data Access Controllability provides means to perform selective restrictions of access to the own outsourced data by other legal users
  •          Data Integrity ensures that data can be stored properly and  trustworthy

Due CREMA is an acronym for Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing and is positioned in the field of Cloud technologies, the system is based on a holistic security concept, which affects every single component in the CREMA system. The CREMA holistic security concept is based on common findings of the security area and is implemented accordingly. For this, a separate component focussing on security, the Security and Privacy Component was defined, in order to handle logins, sessions, user management and rights assignments. This separate component has the advantage that all other component´s workload is limited to a minimum of implementation work.