H2020 CREMA - Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing
Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing
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Manufacturing Error Proofing with asset tracking

Manufacturing Error Proofing with asset tracking

Ubisense Smart Factory provide real-time positional data through a time synchronised system achieved with Sensors mounted in the manufacturing facility that monitors the position of production assets that have tags attached.

With this knowledge, it is possible to marry it to production related knowledge from systems such as Industreweb. Industreweb Global and Collect enable real-time interfacing with common production data sources such as PLC's as well as human feedback from operators via Industreweb Display. This can be achieved with the CREMA platform, with the support for Cyber Physical Systems, and a BPMN run-time to provide process orchestration.



The outcome is that the objective of production can be monitored for human errors such as incorrect components being fitted or wrong tooling used during the manufacturing process.

Incorrect placement of assets can be identified and alerted via Smart devices used by operators and in doing so production errors will be avoided.