H2020 CREMA - Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing
Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing
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FAGOR ARRASATE – CREMA´s final sprint

FAGOR ARRASATE – CREMA´s final sprint

In June 2017, the Project started the last 6 months of the three years duration after the development of 2 years and a half. The Project is centralized in the Industry 4.0 tendency where Fagor Arrasate has compromised with the objective to design and develop a platform in the cloud that will allow a better efficiency of the maintenance process and machine manufacturing by using the “Cloud Manufacturing” concept. The concept is supported in a platform provisioned with a Dynamic Marketplace which will enable cost and time saving when repairing and changing the parts of the machines. Two use cases will be used to validate the technological development of the Project; machine maintenance and automotive.


(*) Goizper clutch-brake with installed sensors

Fagor Arrasate and Goizper takes part in the first use case that is related to the maintenance of the machines, presses in particular. With the help of various components of the Project, Fagor Arrasate is integrating advance technology in the Goizper’s “clutch-brake” to monitor the component and anticipate to compromised situations that can cause the stop of the production. Nowadays, the Project is at the end of the implementation phase and is going to start the validation part. In the case of Fagor Arrasate and Goizper, it has been installed all the necessary sensors to extract the data from the “clutch-brake” and IIoT oriented communication protocols have been implemented to send the data to the CREMA Platform in a secure way. Shortly the coupling of all the components from the different partners will start, to validate the final solution.
In conclusion, the objective is to increment the reliability of the presses and their components avoiding expensive production stops and maintenance operations thanks to the monitorization, cloud services and dynamic marketplace.